I met this precious young girl on the day I interviewed her; it was her, her mom and dad. It was a very pleasant visit and being as sweet as she was she could not decide. I told her to call me when she did. When I left her home, there was something about this child, not even dreaming how the end to a new beginning would be. Miya’s dream was in two parts; first was a shopping, wanted a big screen TV to watch the Saints with her family, this young girl loved the Saints, I mean LOVED the Saints. In fact word got out how much she loved them and she was aloud to go visit the Saints training one day. Then I received a phone call when she was at MD Anderson asking if the other part of her dream could be a little flower garden. I said sure and before I could get to it, I received a phone call from dad saying cancer was back in an agressive brain tumor and she was wondering if she could still have her flower garden. Well dad called on Tuesday evening and by Saturday her flower garden was complete for her 15th birthday that Sunday, thanks to special ANGELS who answered my call. Miya never onced complained, nor asked God “Why Me”, she accepted every hurdle that was tossed her way with grace and faith and always had that glow and radiant smile. After 16 months of cancer, God decided to call her back home on May 15, 2013, her time was up on earth, but just the beginning for her work in heaven. She showed many signs on earth so we know she is a chosen one to continue doing God’s work. She will be missed so much but we are so honorroed that we got to meet her. She has touched many lives, even lives of people who never met her. Words right before she went meet her maker were” When I was 15, I was born”