There is always a first and this dream request was a first for Dreams Come True and also for University of Santa Barbara. DCT received the application for Caroline and once it was approved, Kendal, Samatha, and myself went to interview this young lady. I was so impressed with her, she felt she did not deserve a dream, she felt she was taking away from other kids. I told her, since age 11 you have had 3 recurrence of tumors and has had 3 surgeries and you never know what tomorrow brings, young lady you so deserve a dream. After talking a while, Caroline said she would like to visit the Marine Biologist Department at the University of Santa Barbara because she wants to be a Marine Biologist and having searched on the internet, she sound this was the best school. When Mr. Dan Need was contacted and was told the reason for phone call, Mr. Dan was very surprised that a young teenage girl would want a trip to his university when she could have gone anywhere. All I requested was for someone to greet her and maybe show her around; the Universaity opened their doors and hearts to Caroline and her family. The family also go to do a whale watching tour, thanks to Mr. Dan for making the arrangements.