Brennan's Story

Brennan was a young boy who idolized Kevin Durant and every night, he would name him in his prayers. When he was interviewed for his dream, he said all he wanted was to meet Kevin Durant. He did not want Disney, toys, but his mind was set on meeting Kevin Durant. A few months ago, after his interview, Brennan was surprised at a Ragin Cajun basketball game to tell him he was going to meet his idol: Kevin Durant. This little boy was BEYOND HAPPY!!!

When the hotel was contacted to make the reservation and heard about his story, the hotel staff went above and beyond their roles to help out. They decorated his room and gave him the royal treatment. Not only the hotel, but Kevin Durant made sure Brennan sat in the front row, right behind him for the game.

Brennan was called home to God and no longer with us, but his memories will ALWAYS be with us. He will never be forgotten!