How honored I am to have met this brave “Soldier”: Private Brennan Daigle. When DCT heard about this brave young man who was told he had from two days to two weeks to live his mother asked if we did parties. I said yes, what kind: Surprise Army Birthday Party for his 10 year old birthday. Need I say we jumped on this ASAP and my high honor to Fort Polk of Louisiana for rushing all legal aspects to attend the surprise party. When Brennan was being inducted, need I say there was not a dry eye. This kid is so Army Strong; there were 41 from Fort Polk attending and 2 from the Lake Charles National Guard Army who brought the HUMVV, along with a gift from every soldier. Yes, it was a birthday party and there was an army cake, army decorations and GIFTS. No invitations were sent (did not have time to mail) but there were over 400 people at this party. Since the story hit Fort Polk Guardian and the internet Military from all over the world have been leaving Brennan messages on his Facebook page: Brennan’s Brigade. Brennan has always wanted to be a soldier that was his dream and it did come true. Also I want to mention that Mayor Chris Duncan made Brennan “Mayor for the Day” and gave him a key to the city. As I write this which is 4 weeks after the doctor told Brennan he had 2 days to 2 weeks to live is still with us. He knows he is going to meet Jesus and ready. He did tell his mom after one of his treatments that he wanted to go around the world to tell people about Jesus and because of the internet Brennan is reaching out to world and telling people about Jesus through his own experience. We never know what will come our way, but I pray we are all strong like Brennan. When he lost is sight in his right eye, since the tumor is aggressively growing on the right side of his brain, he just told his mom that he will just have to see everything out of his left eye. God Bless.